Double Take

Long before I discovered my love of all things The Vampire Diaries related, I had a deep-seated desire to be a twin. Now that I’m vampire obsessed? I’ve decided I’d settle for being a doppelganger. How many times have you heard someone say “Well I must have a twin.”? To be a doppelganger is to be a bringer of bad luck, the bearer of bad news. I’ve read that it’s acceptable to sleep with your doppelganger, so long as you kill them before they become you and ruin your life. They’ve been called Shadow Selves, Ghost Twins and other creative titles. But really, all they are are people who look just like you but share none of your DNA. So inbreeding is near impossible. Think of the possibilities for children! Anyway, doppelgangers are my latest obsession. And they are EVERYWHERE. There are even websites dedicated to finding a personal doppelganger. Can you say stunt double? 

And for the inquiring minds, no, I don’t have one. I looked. 

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