I Walk This Empty Street

It is said that a shaman must go through an illness, in order to understand and heal it, or to pass through death’s barrier, not once but twice to bring back the knowledge of the spirit world. They are supposed to come back with not only this knowledge, but also a guide. This spirit guide could be many forms, but most often, it is an animal.
There are countless tests online to “find out your spirit guide”. But my question is: isn’t that the exact OPPOSITE of the point? If you have a spirit guide, you came by it because of a journey, a vision quest. They should have made themselves known to you, or it’s not much of a success story. However, these quizzes may help you figure out what from your spirit guide could take. There again, should you not be aware? This technology is a blessing and a curse. Goodness knows what could happen if people actually experienced.

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