I write to you today

From my iPod

Because my computer broke

And took with it:

My research,

My homework,

My pictures (all 5,000+),

My first novel (of 79k words),

My second novel (of 110k words),

My music library (4 days worth),

My calendar,

My notes for class,

And practically everything else technologically linked to my sanity.


I will be blogging to you on a temporary basis, hoping to come back to this realm regularly from my computer very soon!

6 thoughts on “FML

  1. Oh no! I hope you can get it up-and-running soon! I broke my laptop once and wasn’t able to revive it; I’ve definitely learned to keep multiple back ups of everything. Technology is awesome, but can really be a pain at times. I’m sorry, I hope it gets fixed soon!

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping I wasn’t a total idiot and remembered to back it up on OneDrive. But if not, I’m gonna have to work hard to recover from this purge. I’m off to MicroCenter this weekend it seems.
      I was working on saving everything when it just crashed.
      😦 I guess I’ll know better!

      1. Ah, that’s never good! I hope you did back it up, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it without wiping it regardless though. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks! I’m doing damage control today and talking to all my professors and seeing if I can just extend some deadlines til Monday. But the personal stuff is what’s causing me grief. I was talking to agents about those books.
      Aaaaaand now they might be gone haha.
      But thanks for your support.

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