Chapter 5

So today, I’ve been madly noveling, and although I am glad to have a break from homework, it’s interesting that I never really escape it. Today’s thankfulness comes from being 1/6 of the way to where I was before. But the thing is, I’m writing an entirely new book, and so I think I’m really only about a tenth of the way there, which is even more exciting to me. Anyway, what I’m truly thankful for is inspiration. For me, it comes from life, coffee and great playlists. I think that’s really great, and there’s something quite amazing about taking a blank page, a nothing, and creating an idea, a something. So, in honor of that, I’m going to offer a small segment of my WIP (work in progress) and go back to work. I chose this because it’s one of those scenes I can’t descide how to rework. [This is part of Chapter FIVE, the main character Kat is reading from an old book called The Love of the Queen of Souls. It’s the scene I just finished, and it’s easily the flimsiest but it serves a purpose and well, PLOT TWIST.]

           There was once a summer princess who longed for the chill kiss of winter. She craved the balance and poetry of the cold and the warmth. Her heart was met each day by the warmth of the sun and she could take it no longer. On the evening of her twenty seventh year, she ran from her life and met a stranger in the woods. He was just the frost she’d waited for and she invited him to accompany her to back to her home and immediately fell in love with him.

           They were forbidden to be together, but the summer princess could not forbid her heart from feeling and she secretly married the stranger in the woods. They were very happy, each completing the other in ways they had never known before. They were warned about growing hostilities because of their love, but the summer princess had more news: she was with child. Still, their union did not make everyone happy and the forces of summer and winter, ever at odds, went to war.

           By the time the princess gave birth to not one child, but a pair of twins, the winter and summer courts were rapidly running through their supplies and soldiers and a truce could not be found. The summer princess and her stranger in the woods were betrayed by a most beloved friend and were forced to give up their children, a son and a daughter, in order to spare their lives. As the children were taken away, the summer princess sacrificed her life so that her children would have a chance. A great fire was set to their home and trapped within, the stranger in the woods and the summer princess became spirits, collecting the souls of the winter and summer folk who could not pass on. In a final act of desperation, the summer princess offered the sky people, who ruled the earth and all those within, her life forever in exchange for her babies, that they might be free.

           But the sky people were a vengeful sort, and did not suffer the summer princess lightly, as they blamed her for disrupting the harmony they had created. A curse was placed on her daughter, that she might never find happiness until the war between summer and winter was over. Her son was not cursed, but was stripped of his memories and destined to return to the winter, who would betray him. One of the sky people, a young mother herself, took pity on the children, knowing that all that had happened was because of love, and they were the product of good intentions. She knew that the curse of the daughter and the fate of the son would be what came to pass, but in the event that they found each other, a great alliance would be formed, one that would cause peace to regain control.

           For their unwillingness to compromise, both the summer and winter were forced to live out their lives and fight their wars amongst the humans. They would never be allowed to return to the sky people and their homes, nor could they pass on to the land of souls until the princess and prince are reunited and the war is ended.

Katerina came to the end of the story and looked up. Natalia’s eyes were glassy with tears and she couldn’t look at Kat. At the end of the story was a page that looked like it had been added in, but Katerina couldn’t read it. It was in some sort of loopy lettering in some language that she’d never seen. 

11 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Ooohh!! I am super intrigued!! 😀 That was fantastic! Especially knowing there’s some kind of plot twist..I really want to know what happened before and what will happen next! I also love her name, Katerina. Keep going, you’re doing amazingly from what I can see! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I just hit an inspiration wave and plopped a whole chapter out plus some and was like, “You know, I may as well share some of my excitement!” Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.

      1. Oh it definitely didn’t! It just added even more curiosity. 🙂 That’s awesome; I love it when those waves of inspiration hit! They’re the best.

      2. Me too, I bet it will. It sounds like you’re on a roll and the story wants to get out! 🙂 Thanks, it is so far! I’m actually taking blogging 201 and writing 101 right now, which is actually helping on being able to make a post each day! Haha, it seems a little bit like cheating, but whatever works! 😉

      3. It probably would have been a lot to keep up with with doing NaNoWriMo too this month! I think they do them pretty frequently though, so you’d be able to sign up for the next one. They’re both going really well so far! Some of the blogging 201 stuff are things I’ve already figured out or like how mine are already, but there has been a lot of stuff I didn’t know that’s been really helpful and great to learn. Writing 101 is a lot of fun too; I actually haven’t been doing all the prompts each day for my posts (sometimes I actually can think of something to write!, lol) but I’ve been keeping all the emails to pull out when I’m lacking inspiration. There are some really great ideas in that class too.

      4. Exactly!! That’s how I feel. But they’re all really great prompts/ideas, so I definitely want to have them to look back on. I would definitely recommend taking the classes when they come back around. 🙂

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