Thankfulness, Day 12

Today has been a struggle. I’ve been in class all day, there’ve been great expectations and I didn’t slep well last night. So when I remembered I had a blog to write about being thankful, I was quite the grumpus. Why should I be thankful for being exhausted and stressed and busy? What do I have to be thankful for today?

And the answer came in the form of homework: diversity.

I study it, as a major and also as a human. I love finding differences and similarities, especially in opinions. But what makes me even happier is the very existence of differences.

I’m a white girl, you can tell it’s me by my Starbucks and messy bun. I live in a college town, so what are you gonna do? But I am much more than my label. I’m a first gen college student (in direct family) and I got married young (which seemed to be a scandal for most people). I graduated as Salutatorian in my high school (with a GPA of 3.98) and the quickest way to my heart is kittens (or coffee. or good food.) But that is just my perspective.

What about the middle aged single mother from Korea whose father was a prisoner tho his own government? (My husband met her today.)

What about the young man who plays football for the college and shares the same major as me?

What about the family with six children, where both parents work?

What about the people who live in Siberia? Kenya? Spain? Australia?

What about people with physical impairments? Geniuses?

The poor? The rich? 

I am always humbled by the way my views seem so grand when I have them, but when I look at all the other possibilities, I am a single drop in the ocean. And that is wonderful.

One drop raises the sea. I hope I can be that drop. And I want to give that chance to other drops too!

25 thoughts on “Thankfulness, Day 12

  1. So wonderfully put. I love how when I read your posts,(sometimes, not always!) you can seem so down in them, but by the end you seem so hopeful and joyous. I hope that’s how you’re really feeling! 🙂 This is a great perspective of everything; I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    1. I have a tendency to sink into an anxious depression if I don’t watch myself. Some of the best advice I ever got was that if I can’t stop and appreciate the now, the future will never be as bright as I expect it to. There are plenty of days that just seem like they’re “out to get me” but I try to put a positive spin on it-just to form the habit. Granted, it’s hard sometimes, but I think it’s a great way to remind myself that the sun will rise again and my spirits with it.
      Here lately it’s been touch and go. I think that reminding myself to always be honest has a lot to do with the way I write. It’s not fair to myself or readers if I post the same fake crap that the media and pop culture get away with. If I want to see the world be genuine, I need tone an example. So whileI’ll never shy away from saying “today is a really bad day”, if I can hold onto a good moment, perhaps those days won’t be so bad so often:)
      But I’m alright today. Exhausted, but thriving. I hope you had a fabulous day yourself!

      1. I think that’s a fabulous way to deal with things. Try to make a habit out of finding the good and positives in a day. I think it’s great that you’re real and true to yourself and how you’re feeling, and not trying to project false things about it. That probably wouldn’t help you feel better anyway! Honestly, I like how you’re doing that and I do enjoy it when I can see that shine through in your posts. It’s really inspiring to me, who also has my fair share of down days where I can’t quite find the light. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, you have such a great outlook on things, and I share many of the same views! I’m glad you’re doing well, thriving is still good even if you’re exhausted! 🙂 It’s been a pretty good day here too!

      2. Me too! I mean,I know there are loads of people who share things in common with me, but holy smokes I’m glad somebody actually gets what I’m saying! So thank you:)

      3. Haha, that is exactly how I feel!! Sometimes I read your posts about certain stuff and I’m just like, did she get inside my head to write this?? lol. It’s really nice having someone ‘get’ me. 🙂

      4. That’s the truth! The way you write is really similar to me and I often scroll back to the top to make sure I didn’t write a post while I wasn’t paying attention haha

      5. That is crazy to think about!! I for one am very glad we did both get into blogging. I feel like aside from not knowing everything about each other, we’ve know each other forever. 🙂

      6. I”m glad we did too! Honestly, those types of “relationships” are my favorite-and the ones where it just seems like fate handed you a gift. It brightens my day to read your posts and comments and although I may never ever meet you, it’s like I already have. And that’s awesome.

      7. 🙂 That is exactly how I feel, you worded that perfectly! It is amazing to have met someone so similar who understands what I’m saying and how I feel about things! It always brightens my day to read your posts and comments as well. 🙂 I think in the future we should make it a point to try to meet up somewhere somehow, even if just for coffee ten years from now! 😀

      8. I’m in! I imagine it to be like a real-life-without-singing version of the Voice. Where we get to know each other based on blogs and then get blown away by how awesome we are in real life haha

  2. Beautifully put! I love seeing similarities where there don’t seem to be any, and to take stock of all the beautiful differences from person to person (and otherwise). It’s great how you put it, so thank you for sharing!

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