Thankfulness, Day 13

Friday the 13th. Typically known as an unlucky day, but I want to see it differently. I choose to see today as a lucky day, a day in my favour. I have a job interview today with the administration of the department of my major and I really think that I stand a good chance to get it. I’ve packed a good mojo bag, made myself a giant cup of coffee before I left and now I’m blogging about it before I go up. (What else am I going to do for half an hour?) Last night I was working away, trying to get prepared for my day today, and hoping ot get ahead on the homework, when the idea came to me for my post today.

Today is different than the ones which came before. Today I will be thankful, of course, but today I want to be thankful for the sake of being thankful. Not all the time do I need a six page essay about why I’m thankful, or the inspiration for such (even though Ifeel very verbose today). 

I woke up still sleepy, afraid that if I didn’t set five more alarms (I’m one of those people.) then I wouldn’t wake up on time. I poured myself some coffee as the husband took the dog out and got dressed. In true Michelle fashion, I have a dress shirt, blue jeans and aqua converse. Everything is color cordinated. (I’m gonna save the reason why I’m wearing jeans for a different day.) I walked out of the apartment to leave and sure enough, I felt winter’s chill, and that excited me. I love winter. Not driving in winter, but existing in winter. And then I walked with my husband to his class and sat down to begin this post. It’s amazing to me that I can be so alive, so in the moment sometimes. (Everything amazes me at some point, but I feel great depths of amazement each time-so it counts.) 

  (Here’s an old picture of our puppy, just because I know you were all wondering haha. He’s been since groomed and shaved, but I don’t have a more recent picture. He’s a Havanese, born Christmas Eve 2012).

Last night as I was preparing for bed, I got on Pinterest, as I usually do. It is a great source of inspiration for me, as is the point of that website. And I got to thinking. When I was in church, prayer was a great deal of my time. Feeling sad? Pray. Feeling happy? Pray. Need a job? Pray. Need a friend? Pray. Have blessings? Pray. When I got out of the church (again, a post I shall save for another time), praying was something I retained. I like talking to the universe and to those who made it. (Maybe I should save my belief system for a different post too.) And I came to realize that even though I do not need a formal prayer like The Lord’s Prayer, The Shepard’s Prayer, Hail Mary or Our Father, a part of me missed having something that I could say that would be like a little ritual all its own. So I set to work on that before I went to bed. And may I present, A Prayer to the Earth Mother.


Sacred mother, living within,

Call to us by name

Your garden grows, rests and thrives

Now as we wait beside you.

Call us to action, that you may prosper,

Let your rivers run clear and sweet.

Fulfill our needs within your forests and glades,

And the grasslands, tundra and deserts.

May we never take for granted all the gifts you bestow

As protectors of paradise

And gather us back to you when our time comes

That we may nourish those who follow in our stead

May the full extent of our actions be shown to us,

As you are a just and nurturing mother.

Let us live amongst your finest creations

As equals, forever connected, 

With mercy and compassion as our guides.

So it shall be.

3 thoughts on “Thankfulness, Day 13

  1. Awh, your dog is so cute!! I can’t wait to hear what you find out from your interview; I bet you blew them away! 🙂 Again, you are in my head! I always have to set a bunch of alarms, for way before I need to be up all the way to the time I absolute Must get up. Haha! It drives Lucas crazy, but I don’t feel comfortable going to sleep until they’re all set. I love A Prayer to the Earth Mother!! I agree; sometimes when I go to sleep I want a ‘prayer’ of some type because it’s soothing, but I don’t believe in ‘God’ anymore, so I don’t have any of those to say! I found one on the internet a while back which is more a chant: “Spirits of the night, help me this week. Spirits of the night, help me gain sleep.” And I’ll add Lucas’s name in there too. Sometimes I can say that like three times and I’m out, but other times I’m repeating it in my head until it loses meaning! I might have to steal yours, if you don’t mind! 🙂 And I’m looking forward to future posts of why jeans, when/why you left the church, and your belief system now!! When you make those posts I should make mine and we should see how similar they are..knowing us it’d be word-for-word the same. lol 😉

    1. I got Ben to also set loads of alarms, but he has the most ridiculous alarm sounds. And that sounds like an awesome idea! Now you’ve made me super curious! I’m actually kinda excited about that. And yes, I did get the job!! I’m now the assistant to the graduate program coordinator for anthropology:)

      1. Congratulations!! That is awesome, I’m excited for you! 😀 Haha, well at least they should be sure to wake you up! Yeah, I think that would be a lot of fun! 🙂

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