How Psych Nursing Changes You

This was written by a dear friend, whom I love. And as it is my 100th post, I see no reason better than to make it the loving words of a beautiful person. ❤

Love Fiercely, Live Bravely

I’m in psych-mental health nursing this semester. The first day of the semester my professor told us this class was going to change us and was going to bring up “stuff”. And I thought to myself “yeah, okay sure, but I’ll be fine..” Which, yes, I’m ‘fine’ per say, but after only a month of being in this class I’m seeing how it changes my perspective and what it’s teaching me.

The first thing it taught, or rather brought to fuller understanding is that people with mental illness should not be labeled with their disease. You wouldn’t willy-nilly label other people by their disease. You say that person with cancer, or with diabetes, or with heart failure. In the same manner, you should address people who have mental illness as the person with schizophrenia, that person with bipolar disorder, that person with depression. People who suffer from mental illness are…

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4 thoughts on “How Psych Nursing Changes You

    1. She’s (the OP) such an amazing source of strength and inspiration for me. I’ve known her since kindergarten and I’m fairly certain I will never be astounded by the growth she shows every time we see each other!

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