I posted earlier today about compassion. It seems that the world is lacking in that at the moment. My news feed is so full of cranky, bitter, nosy stuff and darn it, I’m trying to be happier. So. I find myself needing to drum up a little happy magic of my own.


And that’s just what I shall do. So, for all you there who are following this little blog of mine, I say thank you! You’re all a delightful part of my story and I appreciate you all (even if we haven’t had the chance to interact yet.) And now, for the .gif heavy blog post of mine destined to make you smile.

Hedgehogs are just adorable.

otter (Seriously, too cute!)puppy.gif Puppies for dog lovers.cat.gifLion-kitty for cat lovers.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you smiled!

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