Just Keep Swimming

Hey all!

So it’s just about finals week (I have one week left) and for all you college people, you know that the week before is often more hectic than Finals Week itself. I wanted to get back to this blog before, but you know how it is. One day you’re planning a blog, the next day you realize you sound like an incoherent toddler. So anyway, here I am, and I’m running strong.

I wanted to put out a little “yay” me moment, but not really to brag, more as a reaffirmation. I told my boss I wanted to go into rape and sexual assault prosecution and she told me that if I ever needed counselors and the like, to give her a call and she’d help me set up a team. I’m pretty pleased about that. It feels like I’m getting a bunch of signs from the universe to keep going. And so I shall.

This week is the earliest possible week that I could hear about my book-the children’s one about body positivity/safety. I think it’s gonna be a longer wait, but it could happen any day now. So we’ll just keep our fingers crossed!

I know a lot of people don’t “do” astrology, but a bunch of planets are or are approaching retrograde and while Mercury is the end all be all of great communication, Mars and I seem to have a working warrior vibe going. I set my mind to it and it happens. And although there are somethings that I can’t control, I think that part of being successful is just believing in yourself to be so.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a brief update, nothing too heavy for today, but enough to say “Hey” to all my old friend-followers and a big hello and thank you to my newer ones. I am beyond honored to have you feel like my posts are worthy of a read.

I’ll be back sometime soon with more information-ally sound work. The battle rages on!

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