It’s the Little Rays of Sunshine

Hey all, just stopping in to say a quick thank you, and to give ya’ll a life update.

I’m super swamped right now, I’ve been trying to reply to all ya’lls comments, trying not to be rude and the like. I’m actively job searching, I’m apartment searching, I’m literally searching for everything. It looks like I’m not going to get the other post done today (Sunday) but I sure will try to get it finished Monday. It’s a really hard one for me to write, because it’s so personal, but I’m doing my very best.

So my thank yous.

Thank you to my new followers, my old followers, and the people who simply stumbled upon my blogs by some delightful happenstance and decided to stay a while. I’m delighted to have you, feel free to poke around a bit and ask questions. I delight in conversation.

Thank you to everyone who has opened up and shared their stories, their ideas and thoughts. I feel so incredibly honored to have been privy to that information. I’ve done my best to reciprocate, because sharing is caring.

Thank you to everyone who speaks from their heart. It’s the most important thing in the world.

I suppose that’s all for now.

May your depression be little, your mania be the nice kind and your inner demons chill out.

My hope for the rest of the month is to get some personal accomplishments done (which I inevitably will discuss here), write a blog about a depression action with a letter, a lifestyle and a love story. These are my goals, we’re hoping to get it done.

Many blessings upon you, may light and love shine in your life and in your hearts.



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