Music just sometimes feeds your soul in ways you can’t explain. Sometimes it inspires, sometimes it destroys, always it gives you what you needed.

I’ve been listening to Disturbed version of The Sounds of Silence. (I have listened to the original, but found it no to my taste.) In fact, here’s the playlist I’ve had on repeat for about a month now.

The Sounds of Silence-Disturbed
Comes and Goes in Waves-Greg Laswell
Warriors-Imagine Dragons
Lost It All-Black Veil Brides
This is Gospel-Panic! At The Disco
Put the Gun Down-Andy Black
Hear You Me-Jimmy Eat World
Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop-Landon Pigg

I have a couple more, but let’s pick up on trends here. Songs about the loss of hope, the loss of purpose, being caught in the sea with a hurricane approaching. (Except for the last one-that song I just love because other reasons.) Which led me to thinking:

Be kind to yourself today. It’s a brutal, nasty world out there and well, don’t get sucked down into it, okay?

11 thoughts on “Playlist

      1. That makes sense, that you would stick to the same sound. 80’s music usually does that to me, although I don’t seek out 80’s music normally, when it comes on the radio it’s fun knowing all the words and idiosyncrasies of a particular song. Have a great day!

  1. Fun (well not really tbh) facts about the backgrounds of two of these songs if you didn’t already know bc both bands are part of my scene and i know too much rock music trivia

    This Is Gospel was written about Spencer Smith who was Panic’s drummer. He had a prescription pill problem and after nearly a year of being in rehab/uninvolved with the band he left back in 2014. (I think it was 2014 at least) The heartbeat is meant to represent Spencer’s time hospitalised.

    Hear You Me was written about Mykel and Carli Allen, the two biggest Weezer fans of all time. They supported the band and were friends with them since their debut in the LA alt. rock scene in the early 90’s and ran the Weezer fanclub. They died in a car crash on the way back from a show in July 1997 along with their siser, when they were following the band on their Pinkerton support tour.

    That was really sad im sorry

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