A Call For Help


Hi everybody!

I have a special request today-one that is of utmost importance. And sensitivity.

If you, or anyone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, rape or abuse of that nature AND feel comfortable talking about it (anonymously is fine) I need your/their help.

I don’t know how many of you recall, but I mentioned that I was entering my IMADTTO (I Made A Difference To That One) proposal into the President’s Prize review. I have been selected (with others) to move to round two (out of three). For round two, I must come up with a timeline and some other things. And here’s where I could use some help.

What things (resources, technology, support, programs, ideas, etc) would have been helpful in your traumatic event? What do you wish there would have been but wasn’t? What suggestions do you have for prevention? What would you like to see changed in the reporting/justice system? What factors impacted your decision to report/stay silent? What information did you not have that you wish you did? What coping mechanisms work best for you?

This project, to give an overview, is a response to collegiate rape statistics-with implications for ALL rape and sexual assault victims. I have plans to go into high schools and talk about body positivity. Plans to make a mandatory education module for my college (which can then be used at other colleges). Plans to make an application/link with existing ones to better educate the public (and alert students to the areas which aren’t safe on campus). Plans to make small support groups which will be other survivors, who can be there for “trigger” days. Plans to make children’s books about body safety and positivity.

These are the ideas of both myself and a beautiful friend who has also been concerned. But we are just two people. What I know is that everyone experiences trauma differently. And you may recall that I mentioned how of the statistic (depending on sources) is 1:6 college aged women will experience this, but that when I looked at 5 of my female friends, way more than 1 had been assaulted. This is a problem I take very personally-because when it happened to me, I didn’t know it was sexual assault. I blamed myself. I never went forward.

And that has to stop. Women need to be protected under the law. And I will be a leader in that movement. I live close to the statehouse. I have access to a large university worth of resources. I just need to know what to focus my attention on. And that is why I need people to help me.

Any thoughts are appreciated-whether the survivor was a college age or not. Tell me what you feel works. What doesn’t. Becuase when I go to submit round two, I will be submitting (perhaps) the most important proposal I may ever turn in-in my life. I am using my experiences, my voice, to be the “change I want to see in the world”. I don’t want to grow up in (or raise children in) a world that defines women as “less than”-or tells men that this can’t happen to them because they are men.

If you, or a friend, wish to talk about this (and I don’t need details-unless you WANT to give them) you can reach me at my email: anthromichelle@outlook.com

Everything I receive will be anonymous, I will share nothing without consent. (Waiver: If I receive an email full of suicidal ideation or threats of harm to others I have to report that. Because I care.)

Also, if you have thoughts in general-ideas you think might be beneficial in this fight, I won’t turn those away! I will take what I can get and make it into something magnificent.


Oh and a quick side note: Rapist Brock Turner (the Stanford guy) is coming back to Ohio this weekend. I am not pleased, but I will also be actively fighting to make legislation more strict.

17 thoughts on “A Call For Help

  1. You never cease to amaze me, my friend. This is excellent stuff! I especially love the idea of children’s books. The book I’m working on is inline with the idea of ‘body positivity’ and teaching kids their body belongs to them and no one else. Well done Michelle. I shall reblog 🙂

    1. Thanks. I saw your book idea-I’m so excited for you!!
      Body shaming is a real issue. I mean, if you feel ashamed of your body from the start, how can you be expected to appreciate it and know what’s acceptable? Self-worth is a lesson I learned later than I should have, but it’s something very key to the heart of this problem-for men AND women.
      Honestly I’m so focused and passionate about this that I think if I don’t win, I might just crowdfund so I can get it done anyway.
      Thanks for reblogging it. I really do appreciate it!

      1. Thank you! And you’re welcome! It’s a project totally worth crowdfunding. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
        And yes, my mission is to teach children AND parents that referring to a private body part shouldn’t be any more embarrassing than referring to any other body part. When parents can teach their kids proper words to refer to their body, and not be ashamed, THAT’S progress to me.

      2. I sent in a picture book idea to about 25 lit. agents over that very same topic! I came up with an acronym, made sure that I included anatomically correct terms and everything. I was told that children’s books aren’t a market that is being invested in right now and that it’s exceptionally difficult to find anyone who will want to publish any kid-lit, let alone a teaching one.
        I don’t want to discourage (because it’s EXTREMELY important and you should carry on, carry on) but that’s what I was told. So I think self-pubbing is a great idea.

      3. Yeah that’s what I’ve read from publishers/agents in my area. I figured self-publishing is a sure way to just get her done. And it’s great practice for me in terms of finishing things I start.

  2. Reblogged this on My Spanglish Familia and commented:
    Help a blogger out!! Michelle needs feedback from sexual assault survivors (on-campus assault) in order to change policy. VERY IMPORTANT. Please comment on Michelle’s blog.

    1. I’m so sorry that happened. I don’t want to force you to talk about it before you were ready. I’ll send you an email and we can discuss what you’d like to say-You’ll lead the conversation.

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