My Gal Kesha

My life started down the SJW (social justice warrior) path nearly 9 months ago. I came across an article about Kesha (the pop star), watched her video (on Instagram I think) and became outraged at the way she was forced to do something she so clearly should not have been. And a follow up article came up in my life today.

I was listening to the radio on my morning commute (like the old person I am) and I heard the report that Kesha was panicked that her medical records were going to be released. Naturally, I did a little digging.

Kesha’s Concerns This is the link to the Rolling Stones article. In it, the point was made that Dr. Luke’s lawyers requested (and were granted) 10 years of gynecological, psychological and rehab records for Kesha. The lawyer representing Dr. Luke requested that the court (Not Kesha’s lawyer) decide if they could release the records to the public.

I know, my blood was boiling by that point as well. Because this is the Kesha I know. I am familiar with the easy-going, wicked smart woman who stood out and embraced diversity.

And then you have people like Donald Trump. (Did you think I’d forgotten?)

I saw the video, I watch all of the debates. And let me tell you something. One of the best things I heard in response came from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. And I have to agree with one part in particular.

People are conflating sex talk with sexual assault talk.

And that’s a REALLY big problem.

I’m not saying that sex talk is “to be expected” or “just what guys do”. Because I find that offensive and belittling to the men I know and trust. I’m also not saying that I am willing to wipe clean my ideas about sex and gender.

What I’m saying is that sex talk I can disagree or agree with. Sexual assault talk is something I CANNOT and WILL NOT accept or let slide.

And I know, as well as you, that I’ve tried to keep my blog a pretty anti-political zone unless it directly affects the issues I’m bringing up.

But in this particular moment, I honestly cannot accept that there are still people who would vote for Donald Trump. I won’t change paths and devote the rest of the election season worth of blogs to anti-Donald campaigning, but just know that it will come up as it has. Because a vote for Donald is a vote against everything I am. And probably a fair amount of who you are as well.

So what do these two have in common?

Men in power who think they can get away with whatever they want simply because they’re rich.

And that’s what I’m trying to stop. We are all equal-regardless of ethnicity, orientation, categories we use to define ourselves. Vote. Please vote. Learn from Brexit-don’t be apathetic, don’t give in to “it could never happen”.

This is how freedom dies. With little bits of loss and unacceptable actions made acceptable.

13 thoughts on “My Gal Kesha

  1. What a travesty. I have often wondered these days where the world’s common sense has gone, and it seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird. Will it ever come back?

    I’m glad to see this post today. I know you’re not usually a political poster, but let’s face it, Donald Trump embodies everything you are fighting. I even mentioned your blog to my parents yesterday (not that I want them to read it because then they would be able to find mine!) because I have so much respect for what you are fighting for. Keep going Michelle!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I was talking to my husband about how I’m finding it harder to keep away from political rants because it seems like EVERYTHING is political now. I agree that everything seems so upside down. I’m honestly surprised each day to find more shocking things on the news. I used to think there was a limit. Now it seems like a competition!

      1. You’re right. It does seem like a competition. It’s all about how much mud everyone can sling. Unfortunately, one of our candidates has such a wealth of crap to dig from.

  2. I’ve noticed quite a few non-political bloggers are breaking their rule and are posting anti-Trump messages. It gives me hope.

    I’ll be posting one next week.

    1. I used to think that politics had very little to do with the “average person”. I can’t imagine thinking that way with this election. I don’t think I’ve ever been so patriotic-or enthusiastic about using my rights. DT honestly scares me-not because he could be our president, but because of who he is as a human being. It makes me sick to my stomach-but before I get carried away with that thought, I’m very excited to see as well that the WP community is becoming vocal and I can’t wait to see your post!

  3. Men with money…the power that Trump and Dr Luke have to do whatever the eff they want, that disgusts me and my jaw has been clenched since I started reading this post. I can’t fathom why people are still supporting Trump.
    He is NOT a good human being. And what I can’t understand is how Ivanka lets him get away with ‘incest talk’.
    Thanks for this 🙂

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