Song of the Year

With all the craze about music awards and wrapped playlists, I thought I’d add my contribution to the fray.

For many people, the fun fact of the day is that it’s my birthday. For me, this means that I pick out a song that encompasses the theme of the year going forward. I’ve picked things like What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes for my 25th birthday and 26 by Paramore. This year, the winner came down to 27 by Passenger or 27 by Machine Gun Kelly. I ultimately figured it wasn’t my jam to sing about ‘roaches’ and went with 27 by Passenger.


I’ve talked with professors a fair deal about where my life is going. I’m set to graduate (Finally!) soon and the idea that my life “begins” is coming up on me. Who I am and what I want to do with my life are major themes. But also, there’s the background feelings of “what have I accomplished?”

That one brought A Book About Life to fruition. And it’s a large portion of the song of my year.

‘Twenty seven years, twenty seven years now
Only thing I know
I know that I don’t know how
To please everybody all of the time,
‘Cause everybody’s always fucking changing their minds
A little bit faded
A little bit jaded
Not gonna stop and I won’t be persuaded
To write words I can’t believe in
To see my face on a video screen’

That’s just part of the lyrics and you can already see how it swings into the “what’s going on with my life” feel.

That’s not to say that I’m struggling right now, or that I’m in a slump. Surprisingly, I’m okay. But with so many major transitions going on this next year, it’s certainly appropriate to ask a lot of reflective questions.

This decade has been a wild ride. I can only imagine that year 28 and the Roarin’ 20s will bring me something completely unexpected as well. I suppose we’ll see!


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