From here.

I come to you from my phone, because I’m adaptable like that.

I don’t know what I planned for this blog. I know that I’ve struggled for a long time about what I *could* post-with my degree coming into play as a potential career, with confidentiality expectations and with the nature of politics in those things. I struggled with my personal feelings and with growing pains and I felt trapped in the words that I had previously used to set myself free.

I will not take down any blog I’ve written in the past. They were true then, all the emotions and the research are as honest and raw as I can ever hope them to be. Nor will I take down my posts about mental health-because those are also authentic in their nature.

But going forward, I don’t know what this will all look like. What frequency there will be. What words I will write. I have hope that it will be a therapy based thing, but perhaps I will start anew. I just need time to process all the things life has thrown at us all.

It’s a chaotic life these days. And we are strong for fighting, surviving, trying. This is what I know. Everything else is a learning experience.

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