In light of all that has happened, I wanted to maybe talk about something which is a lot happier, a bit kinder and lighthearted. It’s something I’m doing for the first time this year, and it’s a lot of good spirited fun, combined with a little bit of humanity. I am talking about GISHWHES.

GISHWHES stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. (I must have an affinity for bizarre acronyms.) It is a week long venture where teams of 15 try to complete a list (of about 100 things) for points in order to win a trip and other prizes. This year’s trip is to Iceland (which sounds awesome). You can sign up as an individual, or as a pre-formed team. You don’t even have to be part of the same state or even country to be on a team (which is awesome). My team is Dean’s-Pie-Hunters. We represent (so far) 5 states and a total of 4 countries. As of this post, we’re working with a team of 14, but someone may be our 15th, making a full team (which is VERY exciting).

So there is still a week left to register, and therefore the list of items cannot be released yet, but there are the lists from previous years, so that you can see what the teams will basically be doing. The list from last year can be foundĀ here. GISHWHES is the owner of several Guinness Book of World Records including Largest Media Scavenger Hunt, Longest Chain of Safety Pins, Largest Online Photo Album of Hugs and (my personal favorite) Most Pledges to Complete a Random Act of Kindness. (Verification can be foundĀ here.)

Anyway, I’m bringing this up today because of a couple reasons. First, because the world needs a bit more happiness today (and every day). Second, because I get behind what this concept is: working together in a way which promotes international community and acts of kindness. Third, because I’m genuinely excited about it. I’m a huge fan of Misha Collins, I love breaking out of my comfort zone to do things like this, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a group which is both international and competitive. We’re hoping to win, and yet, it’s so much more than that. (There are casual groups, but I wanted to compete lol.)

Anyway, if this sounds like something you’d like to do, there are several options for registration, including a Gish-olarship, which waives your registration fee. And then you too can be a part of the Gish-unity. If you do decide to register, would you mind dropping my email into the referral box? It’s

Thanks! And good luck!

slangaroo(Oh, and P.S.-the mascot this year is a Slangaroo and her baby Joey Jack. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.)



(And this is the Gish-bus.)

Here Be Dragons

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to remind yourself that it’s okay, that you’re only suffering a minor setback and that life will continue on, as it indeed always does. You may not want life to change, or approve of it, you may desire it more than you desire anything else in the world. But at some point, change comes for us all and the only thing you have to do is be ready.I wrote a piece about driving a while ago, about how I just couldn’t seem to, and about how it was a source of great shame for me. I finished the piece by saying that my New Year Resolution was to drive more, to be free of the bonds that strapped me into the passenger seat. It has been a week since the year started and what have I done to accomplish that goal?


 A bit actually.

The second or third I drove to the store. I can’t say that I drove back from said store, but I darn sure drove there. And my husband and I talked about it and I realized that if I just kept to the quick and simple stuff, I would never succeed in my goal at all.

But I’m not going to lie to you. This is not easy for me.

Yesterday, I had work and I usually have my husband take me in, so that I can just focus on work and he can hang out at the school and get stuff done. We’re on break, which makes that sentence completely illogical, but we’re an active sort of people who quite like the academic scene. He hadn’t slept well and asked if I could take myself in. I immediately burst into tears, the panic having surged through me faster than a tornado. I felt woozy, nauseous and above all, I felt ashamed. Why couldn’t I just get over it? What was wrong with me? So on our way home yesterday, after he graciously picked me up, I asked him timidly if he wouldn’t mind coming with me either today or Friday as my passenger. He agreed, saying he wanted to start working out anyway and this would force him to do so. Last night, I went to bed nervous, exhausted and wondering what I’d done.

This morning, he again told me he hadn’t slept well and I let him sleep a little longer. I prepared my stuff, got my coffee and took the dog out. I looked over the parking lot and once again got the panicked sort of emotions and sensations. I knew that I would have a difficult time talking myself into it and an even worse time if I talked myself out of it. So I hauled myself up to our apartment and grabbed a few more things (let’s be real here- I grabbed a bunch of good luck charms), waited for my husband to finish getting ready and then marched myself down to the car. My hands were shaking, I felt sick and I started the car.

Wouldn’t you know it, rush hour was waiting for me.

I can’ tell you the curse words that streamed in my head. How dare other people be on the road when I was trying to get over my fears? I mean, didn’t they know that I was going to be driving?

And I realized that there was no other place, no other time, that could possibly make my journey more ideal. It was rush hour that gave me a headache, made me a nervous passenger. It was the highway that made my heart race. And that sounds like the settings for the battleground to me. 

I made it to the school, having managed to drive on two separate highways and through campus traffic. I didn’t throw up, pass out, or any of the terrible things that I assumed would happen. I didn’t crash, didn’t die and didn’t break down. I didn’t even say that chant from the previous post. I marched myself up to work with a smile on my face, saying hello to everyone I met. I know that I’m not done for the day-my shift has only really just begun and I’m still nervous about the drive home, but when I grabbed one of my good luck pieces from my pocket, I had to smile pretty fiercely. I mean, just look at how fitting it is.


One week down, fifty one more to go.