June 19th

I wanted to stop in and tell any fathers who may be reading my blog that I hope they have a very lovely father’s day. I also wanted to stop in and talk to the people who have fathers, don’t have fathers, and others. First, let me express my hope of a wonderful father’s day to all of them. Second, let me covey my deepest condolences to those of you whose fathers have passed on from this life. Lastly, may I wish for blue skies and peace for those whose fathers are not passed on, but have simply exited the lives of their children.


My own dad and I are incredibly similar. We’re sarcastic, we’re opinionated, we’re hotheaded and we have a firm belief in what is right (even if it’s different between us). I spent many years not understanding the lessons he was trying to teach me, taking everything he said the wrong way and insisting that I knew best. On some rare occasions, that last part was true-especially when it comes to technology. But after my teen years, my frustration towards my dad, and actually both my parents has subsided. It turns out, that I got hit with our family genes pretty fiercely and the need to live freely and independently gripped me tightly. Now that I’m out on my own, I see things much more clearly.

I love my parents. They drive me crazy sometimes with their “backwards” ways, but in the end, I know they worked hard to make me who I am today and I respect that, I love that and I appreciate that more than words can express. So I called my dad up today and asked him if he wanted to grab food sometime. I’m gonna take him out to dinner and reclaim some of the time I missed out on while I was busy being a naive, opinionated teenager.