I Light A Candle

This time of year is special to me for a multitude of reasons. My birthday, my husband’s and my mother’s, as well as Christmas and Yule. I have a special story for you all today, and as always, I will tell it and then move on with my life. I just want to purge it from my soul so that I may live freer. But first, as I do with you all, allow me the courtesy of an open mind. And let me remind you that you all believe in candle magic too. I mean, if you’ve ever blown out a candle on your birthday in hopes that a wish came true, you’re “guilty”. It’s okay, I think it’s wonderful. I just want you to approach this anecdote the same way.

The day of the shooting of the church in Carolina (Charleston, South Carolina June 17th), I was deeply saddened. I think a lot of my favorite things come from the south, and among those are people. I like all people, you see, and although I do not necessarily go to church, I can respect what churches are supposed to stand for. Therefore, I was distraught. I lit a candle and began to pray. I watched the flame for a few minutes, and started on my prayer journey. I do have to say though, that it was not just any candle. It’s a blood candle which I pull out in times of dire need and it has never failed me. So anyway, there I was praying for love to wash over the United States. And thankfully, due to my wonderful teachers, I knew all the states by name and began to list them. I made it through all 50 and threw in the territories and islands which we are responsible for as well. I just wanted everyone to be wrapped in love, everyone to remember that there were good people, people who could rise above. I wanted the world to heal.

June 26, 2015. Love abounded. Literally. Marriages and marriage proposals flooded the news, flooded the capital of the state in which I live. Even thinking of it now moves me to tears. All of my friends, regardless of orientation, regardless of lifestyle could be together with the ones they love. The states were saturated in love.

Am I saying that I alone caused marriage to be for everyone? Of course not. But I think that if there are enough people who want the world wrapped in love, it will happen. And so I take little candles here and there, but as we have reached the 12 days of Christmas, I will light a candle for love, for light and for hope. And I truly wish that everyone remember the love that wrapped the states and ask for it to wrap the world. We do not live in darkness and dark days. We live in the light of a thousand bright stars, each one drawing us closer to a happier day.