About me!

Welcome to the musings of a tireless mind.

This is my space to process. Anything and everything is fair game, and I can guarantee that my opinion is only that-an opinion. But what I have to say is as honest as I can make it and I guess that’s that.

Things you’ll find here: anything that crosses my mind as being valuable to say. Maybe I have concerns about current events. Maybe I have deep rooted ideas about mental health. Maybe I just have thoughts.

I love my spouse, I drink coffee like it’s going out of style and oh yeah,

I’m a therapist.

But nothing I have to say here should be taken as Mental Health Treatment. A blog isn’t therapy. A blog is not meant to serve as professional help. Please seek out the appropriate professionals for any health concerns-mental and physical-that you may have.

Other than that, I’m probably drafting up some kind of novel. It probably has a sassy main character, who also loves caffeine, but what can I say-art imitates life.

If you’d like to follow me for sass and writing thoughts, I also have:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnthroMichelle_

20 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I majored in cultural anthropology in university. Didn’t finish my degree thanks to unmedicated, untreated bipolar disorder. When you say you’re an anthropologist, do you mean you graduated from anthropology?

    1. That’s so cool (I mean, the fact that we both are interested in anthropology). I know it’s definitely a struggle to study with no form of help. I do have one degree in it, yes. I’m not done though, because I must go all the way to the highest higher education (PhD), but yes. I did graduate with a degree in anthropology. That (and marrying my husband) is my crowning achievement.

      1. What kind of fieldwork did you do? And of course those are wonderful achievements, and great sources of pride and joy 😀

      2. My favorite so far has been the perception of vampires among blood donors. It didn’t get very far, but it was my first project, and therefore holds a special place in my heart. I’m hoping to get into a program in Ireland to look at mortuary practices (as well as some family history) but I’ve got my eye on a more permanent work place in Louisiana working with the hoodoo/voodoo scene!

      3. I would. My mother and father are very devout Christians, so I was brought up that way. Now I hover somewhere between druidry and hoodoo. That’s probably why I’m so interested in the interactions between religions. What about you?

      4. I wouldn’t consider myself religious. I’m Catholic, but I have a lot of issues with the church and its teachings in general. I also have issues with God as a man, as a father because I’ve never had a good relationship with my father. It’s complicated lol.

      5. I feel I can respect that. I think sexism in the church is why I shifted to Mother Nature. Either way, we must find our own paths, and who’s to say we both can’t be right?

      6. Exactly!! I agree with more than one truth existing simultaneously. That’s why religious extremists drive me nuts. I hate it when people try to tell me that they are privy to “the truth” and try to convert me to their belief system.

      7. I completely agree. I would rather meet someone with a good moral code and a decent amount of decency and respect than someone who is convinced they have everything all figured out. So thank you for being a portion of the former!

  2. I have only read a couple articles and this about page but I see parallels between what you and your readers are saying and my journey with bipolar-ness. Take a look at dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). I just finished a program that was an interesting way to manage symptoms and thoughts.

    I’m also wondering if it is a trend or coincidental that religion is a question or journey rather than solid fact for those of us with a brain wired like ours. It’s interesting to find someone that will admit to being bipolar, let alone write a blog about it. I’m interested in reading more.

    1. Well thanks for stopping by and staying a while!
      You make an excellent point, about how religion seems to be a length rather than a fixed point for many with “differences”. I personally think it’s because having a difference which sets me (because I can’t speak for everyone) fully apart meant that I didn’t fit into the cookie cutter molds and I had to set out to find my own truths. And now I keep learning, waiting for the perfect fit.
      I decided to take that risk of people being able to see who and what I really am, even perhaps against my better judgement. I thought that if I could make even one person understand that stigmas and stereotypes were completely worthless, then it was a decision well made. What I’ve found so far are a bunch of really amazing people who all band together to talk about our day to day struggles and support each other.

  3. Hi, I found your post on the Mighty about things suicidal people say that are not the typical “I want to kill myself.” I realize I do think lots of those thoughts, and I find comfort that I’m not alone. I don’t consider myself suicidal by any means, but I know I struggle with life and who I am. I just wanted to think you so much for sharing. It was nice to read about you. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You’re an awesome person! Thanks again!

    1. Well thank you for stopping by and sharing your story! I think the nicest thing that I’ve found since I started blogging is just exactly how not alone we all are. And that if one person shares their thoughts with honesty and love at its core, the world doesn’t seem so harsh.

  4. Thank you for this great blog.. I came here from a friend’s link on social media, and I’d love to ask if you can suggest any blogs from someone trying to navigate becoming physically disabled and dealing with mental illness? There are days I don’t even have the ability/fortitude to navigate a Google search and this is one. Thank you in advance for any assistance

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! All of the people I follow on here are excellent bloggers, and almost all of them talk about mental health. That being said,
      are all great places to start, with wonderful voices all their own, and stories that really make you think. I hope that helped!

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