Thankfulness, Day 11

Here in the States, on November 11, it is Veteran’s Day. This is the day when it is considered appropriate to thank a veteran for their service. So before I go further, thank you to all living military personnel, either currently serving or who have served. You are my day 11, and I am thankful to have the freedoms you have worked so hard for.

Instead of talking about the history of, the reason behind or the importance of Veteran’s Day, I want to put a spin on this blog. Everyone knows I’m a huge advocate for getting help when it’s needed and so I want to bring to light some things based on this day of honoring.

A quick Google search for “military help” provides you with a list of crisis networks and “operations” set up for the military and their families. A search for “military help” provides links to websites for people to help the military and their families. And when I start asking the big questions: 

“What is being done to help returning military?” 

“What mental help can military personnel receive?” 

“What programs are available for military families?” 

The result frames get much smaller (By SEVERAL pages). And we need to do something about that. Although living as an average person in the world is difficult, being asked and expected to put yourself in harm’s way for the benefit of others takes a toll on even the strongest person. Go check out

Here are some infographics to further my point.

This trend cannot continue. The stigmas must end. It is time to save those who have helped to save us. And that isn’t just a mental health problem, but also a poverty and recovery one. 


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